World Usability Day 2017 Berlin | How we used Slack interface to provide insights to non-technical users

How we used Slack interface to provide insights to non-technical users

Can we say that we live in the A.I. times? Are we surrounded by bots, digital assistants and intelligent products? Is it too much to say that in the near future our interaction with everyday products will change completely? In this talk we will show how to design AI-first products that are intelligent, conversational, and interactive, but more importantly: that are human-like. We use Slack as an example of user interface, a chatbot as an example of interactive assistant, and social media analytics as an example of meaningful insights. Everything what we will present is based on our experience, experiments, and the products that we already have built

Ort & Zeit

Event Hours(1)

  • MOA 9/10

    16.00 – 16.30

    Bartosz Bak & Lukasz Siemaszko


Bartosz Bak

Bartosz works as a Product Designer @ Tooploox, and is a problem-solving person. He always puts User Experience first and spends a lot of time analyzing digital products. Currently focused on building AI-first products that deliver answers to people via a chat interface and creating web services as an extension to more complicated answers. Privately Bartosz is a fan of eye and voice controlled interfaces, sci-fi ‚powered‘ books, and good cold brew.

Firma: Tooploox

Lukasz Siemaszko

Lukasz is a Product person, and has worked on several positions as a Product Manager leading multidisciplinary teams. Currently he works for Tooploox where he focuses on some of the Emerging Technologies: Augmented Reality, Digital Assistants, and Artificial Intelligence. He loves the idea of new technologies expanding our capabilities as humans, and believes that technology can bring to the world more good than bad.

Firma: Tooploox Berlin