World Usability Day 2017 Berlin | Intro to Designing for Voice: Uniting Dev and UX on a new Challenge

Intro to Designing for Voice: Uniting Dev and UX on a new Challenge

AI voice assistants are on the rise, already spread far and wide, soon to be everywhere. Speech can be really effective, but conversations are deeply personal. It’s highly complex, context dependent, and even a slight mistake can break the flow, yet it comes to us so naturally. Technically seen, however, things are not that simple and from a design perspective this is rather unchartered territory. Conny and Pascal have teamed up, bringing together dev and UX, to work on VUIs at USEEDS. We want to share what we’ve learned so far, about navigating hurdles and arriving at a tried and tested approach for an integrated design, development and validation process, With help from our mistakes and insights, your next voice project is sure to be a success.

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  • MOA 9/10

    14.15 – 14.45

    Conny Kawohl & Pascal Becker
    USEEDS° GmbH


Pascal Becker

I’m Pascal. Berlin-based designer, but from beautiful Kempten (Allgäu). On my journey I moved all over germany, but also Hong Kong and Ethiopia, and learned a lot about research, psychology, design und coding. Last I did everything you call UX – research, concept, visual – at Mister Spex, got deep into design systems and AR. Lately I’ve focused on AI in relationship to humans and technology, such as through voice apps.

Firma: USEEDS° GmbH

Conny Kawohl

Conny Kawohl is a Berlin-based Frontend Developer at USEEDS°. After finishing her design apprenticeship, she studied Interface Design in Berlin and Jerusalem. She has gained experience as UX Designer for a number of companies in the Media, IT and Service industries, while fostering her passion for writing code. She loves to share her knowledge and expertise and has coached and supported initiatives like Rails Girls even before switching to full-time development.

Firma: USEEDS° GmbH