World Usability Day 2017 Berlin | Personality and personalization

Personality and personalization

Voice-controlled digital assistants give brands a new way to connect with their customers. The design of the personality of these assistants plays a central role, as they should represent the brand values as ambassadors of a company. At the same time, however, it is possible to create ever more personalized customer experiences and to adapt the interaction to the preferences of the customer. In the lecture, the right balance between personality and personalization is highlighted. What qualities of a wizard are the core aspects of brand perception and should be written into Brand Guidelines for digital assistants? Which contextual and personalized adaptations to the user should take place in order to ensure a good user experience.

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  • MOA 9/10

    15.30 – 16.00

    Ole Heydekamp
    Deutsche Telekom AG


Ole Heydekamp

Ole Heydekamp is Creative Director at Telekom Design. Together with his team, he designs virtual digital assistants for Deutsche Telekom. Ole has been working as a user interface and experience designer for over 15 years and has many years of experience in agile product development and design thinking methods. His focus is on using innovative technology to solve customer problems.

Firma: Deutsche Telekom Design